Coronavirus Disinfection NYC

Coronavirus Disinfection NYC

Corona Virus is potentially the most dangerous illness of our generation. It spreads fast with the slightest exposure to contaminated air space. Facility managers must clean the office or commercial building as a precautionary measure to prevent a pandemic. Commercial buildings have to continue their service as the medical community finds the most suitable treatment. The virus lasts up to four hours on copper and a whole day on cardboard. Frequent cleaning on all office spaces is the responsibility of the commercial building owner.

What are the best practices for disinfecting the workplace?

Office managers and owners do not have to put their regular cleaning team at risk by asking them to clean the space. It is best to hire a team with a specialty in disinfecting Corona risk areas. The former choice will only remove dirt and grime while our outstanding  Coronavirus disease cleaning solutions and tools remove all germs and viruses. 

Benefits of hiring Coronavirus disinfection in NYC

On-site cleaning and disinfecting public spaces for covid-19 by Aqueous Solutions presents the following perquisites:

Better safety

Onsite disinfection maintains the highest safety standard for both the building’s users and cleaners. We understand the most professional and preferable way of wiping down lobbies, seating spaces, restrooms, door handles, and other frequent areas. You can take continual steps to protect your staff’s wellbeing by asking the cleaning company to schedule their cleaning on an off-day or during off-working hours.


People can’t avoid touching spaces as they work. You must be aware that people will breathe and cough as though Covid-19 is unreal. The only solution for peace of mind is hiring a particular cleaning company to prevent the spread of the virus.

Community concern

Most businesses have frequent visits by third parties, like clients, visitors, and external team members. You do not know the daily prevention habits of these people and have a better chance of preventing infection by blocking off any virus infection. Retail businesses will likely need more frequent service to create the safest and healthiest space for regular visitors.

Reduced liability

The business owner will communicate the best response to the responsible authorities by undertaking proper precautionary measures. We have on-site cautionary measures that protect your reputation and ensure the stability of the business. The office will be at a better stance of maintaining its regular operational routine if you work in a region with strict requirements or highly cautious employees.

Proven methods

The industry, federal, and state have COVID-19 cleaning guidelines. It will gt daunting trying to keep up with the FDA’s recommendation when you have to run the office. You should hire a team that has the most recent updates, cleaning tools, and scientific understanding of the flu’s developing stats.

Custom planning

Disinfection firms are excellent resources when planning the implementation of a cleaning service. We offer custom cleaning schedules and continue to serve all businesses with equal efficiency. Our crew abides by your business’s demands and will work with you to identify high traffic spots. Get in touch on 1-800-294-4950 for a custom cleaning program and a quote for different services for NYC coronavirus disinfection.


Coronavirus Disinfection NYC

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Coronavirus Disinfection NYC

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