Disinfection Spraying Covid-19 New York

Disinfection Spraying Covid-19 New York

Disinfection Spraying Covid-19 New York

As businesses prepare to resume regular operations, commercial property managers and business owners have the responsibility to conduct disinfection spraying for COVID-19 in New York. This will ensure staff and other people associated with the facilities are protected from the invisible enemy. However, planning for reopening goes beyond merely spraying or carrying out basic cleaning and janitorial services. Coronavirus disease cleaning entails: 

  • Developing a plan for deep cleaning
  • Decluttering
  • Operational and organizational adjustments.
  • Developing a disinfection protocol in place to guarantee the continual safety of employees and customers alike.

Admittedly, the highlighted tasks appear pretty challenging. But it will be much easier if you hired the services of a cleaning company with ample experience in handling biohazard cleaning and disinfection services. Aqueous Solutions is one such company, and we are ready to give you the best when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting public spaces for COVID-19.

How do you handle your facility reopening and workspace cleaning?

Our tested and trusted reopening preparation cleaning procedure involves:

Hand cleaning of frequently contacted surfaces

Using EPA and CDC approved, our cleaning and disinfection technicians hand-clean all horizontal and frequently contacted surfaces; including but not limited to door handles, desks, seating areas, keyboards, handrails, printers, and copiers, shopping carts, touch screens, and production equipment. These areas are naturally the most exposed, and they will require extra attention if effective cleaning is to be achieved.

Applying aerosolized disinfection solution

Next, our disinfection experts will apply an aerosolized disinfection solution to frequently touched porous surfaces such as upholstery, carpet, cubicles, etc. We will then shampoo all entryways, conference rooms, hallways, and open area carpet. We also apply an EPA-registered, healthcare-grade disinfectant during this step of the process. Air Movers (high-powered fans) will be left on all cleaned carpet overnight to ensure quick drying. All restrooms within the facility will be disinfected from top to bottom, including walls, floors, toilets, sinks, partitions, counters, and other surfaces.

Spraying open spaces

If your facility has large open areas such as those found in warehouses or manufacturing plants, Aqueous Solutions will treat with an aerosolized EPA-registered disinfectant. We will also apply healthcare-grade sanitizing solutions on all touchable surfaces. Our company can also carry out the hand-cleaning of equipment when required.

Why you should choose Aqueous Solutions

Aqueous Solutions is ready to be your go-to company for disinfection spraying for COVID-19 in New York. Working with renowned environmental scientists and industrial hygienists to engineer our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection processes provides you with the most comprehensive service while avoiding unnecessary costs. Our technicians are trained in biohazard cleanup. Besides, each employee is trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment to not only protect their safety but also limit the chance of cross-contamination.

Contact us for NYC coronavirus disinfection and other cleaning services

Do you need professional cleaning and disinfection services in New York? Do not hesitate to get in touch with seasoned specialists at Aqueous Solutions. Our expert cleaning service providers are familiar with the COVID-19 cleaning guidelines, and you can trust them for the effective cleaning and disinfection of your home, warehouse, or office space. Contact Aqueous Solutions on 1-800-294-4950.


Disinfection Spraying Covid-19 New York

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Disinfection Spraying Covid-19 New York

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